About us

We are a charity that’s about learning and improving yourself.

We help to launch resilient teenagers who can cope with the world as it is today, and we support people who work at sea to take advantage of professional opportunities.

Our vision is to be the leading maritime charity for youth development and lifelong learning.

MSSC was formed in 2004 and is the parent charity for the Sea Cadets and Marine Society. The charity is made up of these two very old charities, which merged in 2004. Both helped young people to achieve more and make a life for themselves, often in very difficult times. You can read more about the Sea Cadets and Marine Society on their websites. 

"The volunteers at my unit have been extremely supportive. They are like my second family. They help get you to where you want to be in the right way and the most effective way."

Kate, 15, Salford Sea Cadets

Our Memorandum of Understanding with the Royal Navy

Sea Cadets is an MOD sponsored cadet force and operates through a Memorandum of Understanding between MSSC and MoD. The Royal Navy is our biggest supporter making up just half of the charity’s income – read our accounts - the rest is fundraised for by the national charity, based in London, and the individual sea cadet units across the UK of which we have 400.

You can read all about the Memorandum of Understanding between MSSC and MoD by clicking on the blue, bullet-pointed links listed below:

Our structure

We employ around 190 employees geographically spread across the UK. Our national office is located at 200b Lambeth Road in London where around 60 members of staff work including our chief executive and the senior management team.The senior management team is our Chief Executive and six directors including the Captain of the Sea Cadet Corps.

The Sea Cadets charity has 400 local units across the UK from Lands End to John o Groats and they are run by trained and dedicated volunteers. Each of our 9,000 volunteers provide support and mentoring to young people in their care, of which we have 14,000. The national charity provides boats and bursaries to support activities and 12 national training centres and boat centres.

You can learn much more about what Sea Cadets does, as well as what the Marine Society's offering is. 

What we do

The charity’s outcomes framework gives a clear picture of the journey a young person or a seafarer goes on while with us. This helps to ensure we offer a consistent and conscious outcome for all our beneficiaries and that we always meet our long terms goals of making a positive, life enhancing difference.


"My experience with the Marine Society has been nothing short of exceptional. Their advice has been friendly and professional throughout the entire process. I could not recommend them more highly and would encourage anyone to get in contact for more information."

Steve Rogers, Marine Society learner

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