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Helping seafarers realise their full potential

The Marine Society champions the well-being, personal and professional development of seafarers, by delivering a range of services that are used and respected by seafarers across the globe.

We focus on educational development, financial support, while also providing resources, advice and guidance.

We do this through our many partnerships, which enable us to offer tailored learning programmes that support learning and professional development at all levels, from GSCEs to postgraduate. You can secure scholarship support to help you achieve your Officer of the Watch, and over the years more than 1,000 seafarers have been successful through us.

Seafaring workman completing paperwork on site at night

We work hard to ensure that no matter where seafarers are, on land or at sea, they have the opportunities to develop to their full potential. We have two teams to help you do this, our College and our Library & Bookshop.

Marine Society College

If you’re looking to take the next crucial step in your professional development, The Marine Society College can help, through tailored learning programmes that help seafarers improve their education.

With a mix of learning programmes – some direct through us and others where we partner with education and training providers – we can deliver seafarer-focused opportunities, and personal and professional development.

"Staff at the Marine Society were always on hand to provide support during my studies in a friendly and professional manner." 

William O'Farrell

We focus exclusively on those who work at sea, and offer quality distance-learning packages. You can also sit your exams with us in London and we can manage them at sea, too.

Helping seafarers doesn’t stop with our learning programmes. As a learner with us, you can access a range of advice and guidance to support you on your professional journey.

Don’t be hindered in your quest for learning, we can help with the financial cost through scholarship schemes and interest-free loans.

Crew Libraries & Bookshop

Your learning is supported by our bookshop and crew libraries which supply 20,000 books to ships across the world. We work with our customers to ensure titles are tailored to suit all readers.

As well as helping with your studies, an onboard library promotes positive well-being and understanding, as well as making a vital contribution to onboard safety. It also helps ship operators meet their commitments under the Maritime Labour Convention.

So whether you're looking for a book to help your studies, to upskill your crew, or simply for a pleasant distraction from working life at sea, we are here to help.

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