Vision and Strategy

Guided by our new strategy, we are more motivated than ever to retain our position as “the leading maritime charity for youth development and lifelong learning.”

Following the success of our two-year Regeneration Plan in reviving our activities after the pandemic, our new five-year strategy will help us seize the opportunities we have worked so hard to create.

The Future Ready strategy is about meeting the growing demand for what we provide, both for young people and seafarers – and the thousands who aspire to be the sea cadets and marine professionals of the future. It is also about equipping them to achieve their potential and thrive in a rapidly changing world, while growing our organisation to benefit even more people – including those from under-represented or marginalised groups.

The strategy is built upon three key elements:

  • Enhancing our offer, so that we can provide an even more consistent, focussed and engaging Sea Cadets Experience which better reflects today’s Royal Navy, and a growing maritime curriculum with an expanded range of apprenticeships.
  • Enabling our people to benefit from the training and flexibility that will help them provide even greater experiences for sea cadets and seafarers.
  • Creating the conditions for growth & inclusion, so that we can provide more opportunities, recruit more volunteers and allow more beneficiaries to access what we provide.

Underpinning those three themes are our enablers - the essential things that support everything else we want to do. This includes developing our environmental approach, as well as work to ensure that the resources, facilities, equipment and systems are in place to support our delivery.

We can’t stop the world changing, but we can adapt, thrive and ensure we equip our beneficiaries for their futures. This strategy ensures that whatever the next five years bring, our young people and seafarers will be Future Ready.


Our vision

Sea Cadets

We aspire to a world where every young person can be positively impacted by Sea Cadets, and we’re committed to giving our young people an experience that will provide the skills and confidence they need to thrive into adulthood and beyond,

Therefore, our Vision for Sea Cadets is: “Every young person launched for life.”

We seek to achieve this Vision through our Mission: “Inspiring young people to achieve their potential through challenge and nautical adventure guided by the customs and traditions of today’s Royal Navy.”

Marine Society

We aspire to a world where all current and future seafarers and maritime professionals are given the means to succeed in their careers, by developing the practical and transferable skills that will help them surpass even their own expectations.

Therefore, our Vision for Marine Society is: “Every current and future seafarer and maritime professional skilled for life.”

We seek to achieve this Vision through our Mission: “Enabling current and future seafarers and maritime professionals to realise their potential through learning and career development.”

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