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Sea Cadets publishes its ‘multi-generational’ impact study following the participation of over 3,000 former cadets dating back as far as the outbreak of the Second World War.

We have known for a long time how positive an impact Sea Cadets has on our cadets, affirmed by the 2018 impact study, however Sea Cadets decided to commission a national study on the long term impact – does being a cadet change the rest of your life?

Over 3,000 former cadets participated in surveys and interviews, leading to a report published in January 2021 – the first of its kind for the youth sector!

Yes! Not only can we say being a part of Sea Cadets is adventurous, fun and opens up a world of new qualifications but we can now also say it changes you forever. Being a sea cadet makes you a more confident, independent and positive person.

- 95% confirmed Sea Cadets had a positive impact on their life, long after they left
- 80% confirmed Sea Cadets developed their independence and skills
- 70% confirmed Sea Cadets improved their ability to cope with challenges

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